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masses of forage fish. The habitat has all
the earmarks of a place that can sustain a
wealth of game fish species, and it does
that in spades.
A headliner species for freshwater fish-
ing, black bass make Kentucky Lake a
headliner reservoir for bass anglers across
the country. Bass fishermen and women
of all sorts, at all levels up to and includ-
ing the top professional anglers, relish
outings on Kentucky Lake because of the
generous catches it's producing.
The lake always has been excellent large-
mouth bass waters. Some years ago, the
menu expanded to include a complemen-
tary population of smallmouth bass, in-
cluding brown bass of trophy caliber. That
came naturally as the lake aged with
grace, many earthen banks becoming
rocky shores and bottom.
With a 15-inch minimum black bass
size limit on Kentucky Lake and canal-
linked sister waters Lake Barkley, quality
fish have been the norm for a long time,
and numbers have been excellent, too. But
within the past couple of seasons, huge
spawning classes of largemouth bass have
been growing into and beyond the 15-
inch limit.
The result has been an apex of fishing,
absolute scads of 15-inch-plus "keepers"
to go along with plenty of bass three, four,
five pounds and larger. Lots of anglers
have experienced Kentucky Lake fishing
days when the catch of keeper bass casu-
Photo courtesy of FLW