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Presently regulated in conjunction with
statewide seasons, Clark's River NWR of-
fers thousands of acres where enterprising
hunters can probe the bottomlands for
boomer bucks in deer season.
Turkeys rival deer when it comes to stir-
ring hunter passions, and the Kentucky
Lake area is packed with the big birds.
The rites of spring mean turkey gobbler
hunting hereabouts, and it mobilizes a
camouflage-clad legion in pursuit of old
The LBL hosts quota turkey hunting as
well as non-quota, open hunting opportu-
The South's Great Lake for Hunting
nities each spring gobbler season. Clark's
River NWR also hosts a great deal of
turkey hunting under statewide season
Waterfowling is another driving force for
sportsmen. Kentucky Lake itself can be a
chilly season hotbed of waterfowl action
when Mississippi Flyway migrators spin
off for some big water rest stops.
The big reservoir attracts a mixture of
puddle ducks and some divers, and a
smattering of Canadian geese add some
extra big bird zest to the action. Free lance
hunting from boat and shoreline blinds