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Kentucky wildlife managers encourage
hunters to take more whitetails to help
hold the burgeoning population in check,
so come on and lend a hand.
Public land is often critical to opportu-
nity, and the big lake area has oodles of it.
Chief among these is the U.S. Forest
Service-managed Land Between the
Lakes National Recreation Area. The
LBL is a topic all itself, an enormous
wooded peninsula sandwiched between
Kentucky Lake and the sister waters of
Lake Barkley.
The LBL is 170,000 acres of ridges and
hollows, more than 90 percent of it
forested in oak- and hickory-dominated
hardwoods. The big woods area long has
been a favorite for visiting deer hunters
who take advantage of tremendous el-
bowroom, bonus deer permits, quota gun
hunts and freewheeling archery hunting
Another kind of habitat, if anything,
more rich in game, is found in the Clark's
River National Wildlife Refuge that cen-
ters around the bottomland hardwood
corridor of Clark's River both upstream
and downstream from its headquarters at