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and the easy fishing they produce. The
scrappy sunfishes make excellent family
fishing fare.
On the other hand, anglers who are
firmly focused on heavy, long-as-your-leg
fish might want to consider Kentucky
Lake's catfish channel cats, flatheads
and the plentiful and often ponderous
blue catfish. They remain the best bet for
numbers of fish, any one of which might
be all that a fisherman can carry. After all,
the area produced the Kentucky state
record blue cat, an even 100-pounder.
Largely underfished and overlooked for
other species, catfish can be taken
throughout the year, but they are an excel-
lent bet during the days of summer when
it may be a little more difficult to catch
other species. Fishing underwater struc-
ture creek channel junctures with the
river channel, underwater points, ledges
and such catfish can be pursued just as
scientifically as, say, black bass.
Live and natural baits fished on or near
bottom, however, might produce individ-
ual fish heavier than entire limit catches
of other species. Five-pounders are pretty
ho-hum. Blue catfish commonly attain
weights of 20 to 30 pounds and real gi-
ants are always a possibility.
Perhaps the toughest part of Kentucky
Lake's fishing nowadays is just picking
out what species to pursue. With multiple
fish options demanding attention, that's a
pleasant problem for the angler.