What Makes a Great Stay?

What Makes A Great Stay?

Vacations and getaways can mean so many different things to different people. For some people, it’s about adventure and exploration, others about relaxation, and for those like me, it’s about trying to find the delicate balance between something that’s kid-friendly, full of family fun, yet adult time approved. I’m sure all moms and vacation planners can agree with me that planning is a trip is no easy task! Of course, one of the most important parts of creating a great vacation or getaway starts with finding a great place to stay, and while I may call Kentucky Lake home, I’m also believe it can create the perfect stay for you and yours.

For 2016, I have decided to start a new social media campaign here at the Kentucky Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau, where each week, I will highlight one of our Kentucky Lake Resorts or other lodging options. From our beautiful Kentucky State Park locations to some of our smaller places like Whispering Oaks Resort, I will do my best to provide you with key features of the location, who might be the best suited to stay at each place, what specials or deals they might offer throughout the year, the best time to visit, so on and so forth. It is my hope that this give readers and locals alike the chance to get to know the tourism industry here on Kentucky Lake and why it deserves a visit from you!

Just because I’m highlighting lodging right now doesn’t mean that I don’t plan to cover other interesting characteristics and pleasantries on the South’s Great Lake. That’s the beauty of blogging, I can write about anything, anytime! This area is full of activities, food, and history and I for one am excited to see what little gems, I might be able to dig up throughout the year. In saying this, however, that actually means I need your help! If you know of anyone who remembers and experienced the “wonder years” on Kentucky Lake, send me their information, I want to hear their stories! I have decided 2016 is going to be a year of connection and discovery. I want you, the readers, to feel like it’s possible for you to disconnect from life and reconnect with what matters on the South’s Great Lake, Kentucky Lake, and let’s discover the beauty, history, and joy this area can bring your family!

Next week’s resort of the week is Whispering Oaks Resort, a quaint little “mom & pop” resort that sure to offer a great experience! So be sure to check back and see why this resort should be at the top of your list when it comes to
staying on Kentucky Lake. And for those of you who love coming to visit Kentucky Lake already, let’s hear your story! Visit our website at www.kentuckylake.org to start planning, find us Facebook and Twitter, and use hashtags such as #mykentuckylake #kylakestay #thesouthsgreatlake #kentuckylake on your pictures, posts, etc. to share with all of us! See you next week and thanks for coming on this journey with me!